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Self Portrait 12/2000 in Portugal

From an old "Bio" ...

“Real life is your best entertainment value.” I have been artistically guided by that self-evident truth for the last 45 years. I see ‘real life’ as an assortment of artistic statements in patterns, colors, parody and themes, begging to be recorded. My photographs reflect the notion that ‘things are not what they seem’, typically within the context of the ‘story within a story’. I’m trusting in my years of artistic experience to present art in a compositionally dignified way - a tap on the shoulder inviting the viewer deeper inside - rather than a hammer blow to the head.
I began my photographic career in the late 60’s with a twin lens reflex camera, shortly thereafter graduating to medium format; eschewing 35mm work as being insufficiently capable of capturing ‘the decisive moment’. Experience in a studio partnership in the early seventies led to commercial work (4x5) and the range of jobs that could sustain a photographer just starting out: Weddings, portraits and the odd jobs that one does with as much aplomb as one can muster. My real interests were in ‘fine art photography’, such as it was in the 70’s. There was hardly a market then, while the debate still raged whether or not photography was ‘legitimate’. Ten thousand rolls of film later, plus countless hours in the darkroom and enough experimentation to exhaust Duchamp, legitimate or not, I’m still doing what I enjoy most – recording the richness, sadness, joy and mystery of life.
The studio work ceased shortly after its creation, with the need to get a ‘real job’. During twenty-five years in business, I never lost sight of my photographic ambitions. As I moved to various parts of the country, the darkroom always followed. In 1995 the darkroom was replaced by computer applications and medium format went the way of 35mm. After I retired from the business world in 1997, my wife and I moved to Portugal simply for the adventure. In Portugal I quickly fell in with the art crowd. Being an American doing ‘digital’ photographic fine art, I enjoyed a lofty status there. Due to my participation in group shows and solo projects throughout Portugal, my work was gaining acceptance and maturity. I did the circuit from prestigious galleries, important international biennels to smoky, underground bars and cafes.
We returned to New Mexico in 2001, settling in Albuquerque. Since then, major investments in printing and digital equipment have allowed me to further refine my art and pursue my forty-five year passion for capturing ‘real life’.

Update ... life remains grand. New 4k video equipment suggests that I may have something to offer the world. I can only hope.


With Chad somewhere in the Rockies in 1993

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